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Film Review: ‘BuyBust’ is Beautiful and Relentless

Although this is my primary source of personal film reviews, I also contribute to other websites and publications. This one is for Reel Time of Ateneo de Manila University’s Loyola Film Circle.

It’s been a while since we had a genuine Filipino action film. From the old matinee outings of Fernando Poe Jr., Ramon Zamora and Eddie Garcia, to historical epics such as Heneral Luna (2015) and Bonifacio (2014), action has always been in service of a larger element of our films. Having taken a stab at it with his Aswang Chronicles films, director Erik Matti aims to bring action to the forefront with BuyBust.

Having been re-assigned to a new team after being the lone survivor of her squad in an operation gone awry, Nina Manigan (Anne Curtis) hears voices in her head. Their last words plague her memory, resulting in distrust in her leadership and constant paranoia. And in the take down of a bigshot drug lord that her team has been hunting, having cornered him in the slums of Gracia ni Maria, true to her senses, they are found out. Chased and hunted around the dingy slums by the brutal drug lords, it doesn’t help that the locals, who had enough of being caught in the crossfire, form a mob that traps the squad and the drug enforcers in a hornets’ nest.

Read the full review at Loyola Film Circle’s Facebook.

Image header taken from Rogue Magazine.

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